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Pokémon Sun & Moon for the Nintendo 3DS was the thirty-third Let's Play done by TheJamesRolls.

The series ran from February 14th, 2020 to May 22nd, 2020. You can watch from the beginning by clicking here.


"Our next dual Pokémon adventure is upon us! This time, we're setting out under the tropical sun (and moon) of the Alola region, which features a unique experience you can't find in the regions that came before it."

Team in Sun

  • Decidueye
  • Ribombee
  • Wishiwashi
  • Salazzle
  • Bewear★
  • Togedemaru

Team in Moon

  • Incineroar
  • Toucannon
  • Crabominable
  • Comfey
  • Araquanid
  • Golem (Alolan form)

Pre-Release Hint(s)

  • A familiar series with a unique entry[1]
  • Somewhere tropical
  • May possibly exceed 80 episodes[2]
  • Might be the largest series in terms of hours and minutes[3]

Running Gags

  • Hating Yungoos and Gumshoos
  • Not knowing where the final Zygarde cell was for a few episodes


  • This is the first series to begin in the 2020s
  • The first series to feature a regional variant on a team
  • The first series to feature a Pokémon receiving a nickname (Solgaleo and Lunala were both nicknamed Nebby)
  • The second series in a row to feature a shiny on one of the two teams used (Flygon in Y and Bewear in Sun)
  • Changes were made to a team as the series progressed; example: Shiinotic was slated to be on the Moon team but was replaced by Comfey
  • This series currently holds the record for the total length of a Let's Play on the channel in terms of episodes (93) and watch time (33 hours, 20 minutes and 54 seconds)
  • James personally considers this series to be the best in terms of his Pokémon Let's Plays as well as a top contender for his best overall Let's Play, as mentioned in the finale