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Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch is the twenty-ninth Let's Play done by TheJamesRolls. The series began on May 31st, 2019 and is currently ongoing.

You can watch the series from the beginning by clicking here.

Description Edit

"Over 2 years have passed since the last time we were in Inkopolis, but the threat of the Octarian menace is still as high as ever! This series will cover the single-player campaign and online multiplayer simultaneously while forgoing the Octo Expansion DLC."

Best Level Times (Octo Canyon) Edit

Level Name Time Weapon Used
Return of the Octarians 4:58 Hero Shot
Welcome to Octopia 5:06 Hero Shot
Sunset Octocopter 4:21 Hero Shot
Into the Octo Oven 3:00 Hero Shot
Enter the Octohurler 4:11 Hero Roller
The Octopark 4:11 Hero Dualies
Octozeppelin Invasion 5:47 Hero Charger
Back-Alley Cleanup 6:50 Hero Shot
Spinning Campground 4:14 Hero Shot
Octoling Strike 4:03 Hero Dualies
Fear the Octo Samurai 4:14 Hero Roller
Octoseeker Shakedown TBA TBA
The Floating Garden TBA TBA
Octo-Resort Spring TBA TBA
Dancing Floors TBA TBA
Parking Garage TBA TBA
Octoling Assault TBA TBA
The Octostomp Returns TBA TBA

Stage Stats (Online Multiplayer) Edit

Stage Name Turf War Splat Zones Tower Control Rainmaker Clam Blitz
The Reef
Musselforge Fitness
Starfish Mainstage
Humpback Pump Track
Inkblot Art Academy
Moray Towers
Port Mackerel
Sturgeon Shipyard
Manta Maria
Kelp Dome
Snapper Canal
Blackbelly Skatepark
Walleye Warehouse
Shellendorf Institute
Arowana Mall
Goby Arena
Piranha Pit
Camp Triggerfish
Wahoo World
New Albacore Hotel
Ancho-V Games
Skipper Pavilion

Stage Stats (Salmon Run)Edit

Spawning Grounds Marooner's Bay Lost Outpost Salmonid Smokeyard Ruins of Ark Polaris‎‎

Running GagsEdit

  • To be added

Trivia Edit

  • Starting with this series, there is a new JR logo design
  • The Octo Expansion DLC is not shown off during this Let's Play as James thinks it's deserving of its own separate series
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